Saturday, February 21, 2009

art history

this is so much fun

oh. my. god.

this furry convention is gonna own

what the heck am i supposed to be?


god damn it tabitha i wish you would stop spending all my hard earned money on snake hats and crotch frogs. no i dont care if they were 50% off

damn that zombie has one fine ass

cindy we are out of milk. please pick some up so we can have cereal for breakfast tomorrow <3peter

c'mon jesus share that flaming churro with the rest of us

what the hell dude quit that

in the sixteenth century they only had four pokemon; buttface, birdboobs, buttface two, and kadabra

well this sucks

grandpa no!

hello lover:)

oh my god! you were painting me? please don't put this on the internet.

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